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Riding on Exmoor 


Come and see Exmoor from horseback, we ride across open countryside, through combes, valleys and rivers including the famous Lorna DooneValley.

We can arrange rides to suit families, riders and beginners on sensible Horses and Ponies. Quiet animals for the nervous and novices and more forward going horses available for the experienced rider.  




Our Rides


Our friendly staff will welcome anyone who wants to ride. Our rides take people all over the open moorland, and down into the valleys and clear streams below.  Generally, we adapt each ride to suit the individuals abilities. We also take out mixed ability rides, beginner's rides and rider's rides, and we are happy to offer a large group discount.

If some people want to canter and others want to just walk that's fine, we can look after you, and if you want to go on a ride where there are only beginners or only riders, just ask.


Small Children  6 and Under
Lead rein around the field. 1/2 or 1 hour walk around the field with a pony and lead rein.


 1 Hour

This ride goes up on to Brendon Common and is suitable for all riders.

Beginners ride will be mainly walking with some trot if requested (to the escort's discretion).

Novice rides will include more trotting and some cantering depending on the rider's ability.

Riders will have the opportunity to trot and canter.


 2 Hour

Ride over Brendon Common, and drop down into the wooded Doone Valley where spectacular views of the 'Exmoor Forest' and the Doone Valley are sure to be seen.

This ride is suitable for all, beginners, novices and riders but please be aware if you have never ridden before you may be a bit saddle sore after 2 hours!

We would recommend just 1 hour first if you have never been on a horse before.


 3 Hour

Ride over the old 'Exmoor Forest' across open county and wooded valleys. This ride can vary depending on the weather and ability of the riders and is for riders only.



Horse Riding and Livery Yard


Here at Brendon Manor Farm and Riding Stables we also have livery and the riding deal, which is ideal for those people wanting to ride on a regular basis, and also those with their own horses.

We are always on hand to answer your questions, and provide you with honest advice. We are a well established stable with many years of experience to draw upon, and it is from our knowledge and understanding of you and your horses needs that we have developed the following services for your convenience:


Riding Scheme

For people who live locally and want to ride on a regular basis, we offer the riding scheme. This allows people to ride on a regular basis at a reduced rate. With the riding scheme people pay a fixed amount each month and can ride up to a certain amount of hours each month, whenever they want (assuming the horses they want are free). This is also available in the winter and summer (the choice of horses and ponies are more limited).


Winter Loan

During the winter many of the horses go away on 'winter loan', the horses and ponies are used as companions over the winter or as a 'first pony' for children. So if you are looking for a quiet horse or pony to ride over the winter please contact us, we are always looking for winter homes.



We also have livery and DIY livery, stabling and grazing services available.

If you are interested in any of the above schemes or services please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today.






over 60 years under the same establishment

Established 1951

Tel: Brendon 01598 741246

Opening Times : Easter till late October 


For enquires and bookings contact Janet or Lucy on

01598  741246




Proprietors: Mr & Mrs B. Woolacott 01598741256






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