Top 5 ways to protect your home


Top 5 ways to protect your home

There are burglaries happening all around the world literally in every minute of the day. Regardless of where you live, chances are, especially when you own a house that there will be at least one attempt from a burglar to break into your home and steel all your valuables as fast as possible. So, what precautions can you take in order to avoid that? Let’s see the top 5 best ways to make sure your home is protected enough from burglars.

1. Ensure your locks work properly

When it comes to locks people are keen to concentrate on the front door area as this is the main entrance most people use on a daily basis. But if someone has a house, things will get more complicated: it’s not about one door but at least 3 other which should be surely protected. These include the garden entrance, the garage door, the backyard entrance and even more, depending on the exact type of your home. While we wouldn’t want you to get your home protected like a fortress, make sure you call a good, certified locksmith to make sure all the locks and doors would easily withstand a burglary attempt.

2. Have thorny bushes next to the fences and under the windows

Thorny bushes are more than effective to keep unwanted visitors away. Nobody likes those thorns trust us and there is no easy way for someone to get any protection from them. So make sure, your fences are bush protected. These are not only effective because of the thorns. They can have lovely flowers and as they grow, they would also keep curious eyes out of sight.

3. Do not let anyone know about your valuable belongings

The sad truth is, most burglary happens after burglars get some information about a home. This information is generally delivered by renovation workers, painters, carpenters, electricians, non-licenced locksmiths and so on. The reason for that is simple. These people once had the chance to spend some time inside your home. This means they could even check what you have or don’t have inside. If they see enough valuable things, they will easily inform a burglar group in hope of some extra income for them for the information. Unfortunately some people even take the measures to break in right after such a visit from an outsider. Therefore beware if any stranger wants to use the toilet or looks around way too much to see what you have at home. Keep your belongings well hidden from visitors’ eyes.

4. Have a good home insurance

This way, in case anything happens you still know that most of your costs will be covered. However always make sure you are insurance compliant in terms of home security, especially lock systems.

5. Have a trusted locksmith

They won’t only help when you are in trouble, a good certified and well experienced locksmith can make sure all your door and window-locks work properly, can fix these, change these and can even advise you on how to be more secure and insurance compliant.