Why you shouldn’t forget about your window locks


Why you shouldn’t forget about your window locks

Window locks are really underrated, which is surprising, knowing that most break-ins in fact happen through windows, especially when those are left wide open for entering. Therefore we thought to serve you with some tips and precautions on what to take care of when it comes to your home’s windows. While this article is generally for those who either live on the ground or first floor or a residential building or those who live in a house, we believe it’s a good read for everyone, in order to learn why it’s so good to have our windows kept secure.

1. Windows protect us against weather conditions

Having your windows properly locked is not just for protection against thieves, it’s also very important because of the weather conditions. If there is strong wind that opens up your windows, it can cause quite a damage, not to mention the broken glass of the window itself which needs to be fixed.

2. Old single and double hung windows can easily let burglars in

The old-system hung or double hung windows (also called English windows) need extra protection when it comes to being safely locked, because thanks to their old system they are relatively easy to open up, even when they are in a visibly closed state. As many people forget to turn the locks on them, these often serve as the number 1 entrance way for burglars all around the world.

3. Don’t forget about the hopper windows either

Hopper windows are left open pretty easily. The reason behind that is, that these sort of windows normally cannot be opened enough for someone to think that they can let anyone in. But an experienced burglar can easily make hopper windows wide open and if the window is big enough to let one person through then it’s definitely a window that needs to be kept shut especially when the house is being left unattended for a longer period of time.

4. Make sure all windows which are visible from the outside are kept shut and closed

These include all and any windows which can be seen from the outside, Opened windows and balcony doors, especially when located on the ground floor or on the first floor serve just like a letter of invitation for burglars to get in.

5. Balcony and terrace doors must be reinforced

Balcony and terrace doors and all sliding doors are some of the easiest doors for burglars to open up easily and effortlessly, especially if they are old and work only with a simple shutting system. Make sure the glass is changed to a stronger one and get the locks checked by an experienced and licenced locksmith for them to see how big a chance there is for them to be opened from the outside and to provide you with the best proper window locks to protect them from burglary.

All in all, any window which can let a person through should be closed and locked when you are not at home, to avoid unwanted visitors in your home.