Brendon Valley






This special place near the North Devon border,
Needing no law, with no need for order,
Peaceful inhabitants in a peaceful place,
While nature controls this beautiful space.

Brendon Village is quant and unique,
Keep it safe for our children to seek,
Brendon Valley is blessed with creation
And incredible beauty that yields sensation.

A place where you feel spiritually driven,
When you see what nature has given.
A place to soothe a troubled mind
A place that's like no other kind.

There's emotional sensation before my eyes,
I've lived a past life, I now realise,
Such things in life are never that clear,
But I know and feel, I was a resident here.

A previous life, but how can that be?
Because all that I see, are past memories to me.
In another time I've walked these lanes,
Moving livestock along the drovers trails.

There is no one left to remember me.
But it's a place my soul will always be,
And where my spirit will remain,
To rest forever in your domain

                                                                                              Leonard Hill, Bideford.


Exmoor in the UK

Brendon, an unspoilt Exmoor village steeped in history, nestles in this peaceful and most beautiful river valley, that of the East Lyn. Open moorland spreads unbounded from the valley halting abruptly at the dramatic coast as cliffs fall to the wild Atlantic...

The summer brings a change of mood to the moor, deep purple heather and the vibrant yellow of gorse give a heady scent in those long hot days.







Come, discover the secrets of the moor, retrace the steps of the legendary Lorna Doone, fish for salmon or trout in the East Lyn, or just soak up the atmosphere of Exmoor, there is always somewhere to go and something to see.

Exmoor is full of wildlife, inhabitants include the fox, stoat, mink, badger and rabbit. Buzzards soar and glide on the breeze, the white chested Dipper patrols the hidden streams and brooks, and you might just see a flash of emerald green as the Kingfisher takes to the wing.

Take one of the countless beautiful moorland walks and you may be lucky to chance upon a pair of antlers, and if you are very lucky and quiet you may just get to see some deer.

"It's no mystery why so many people return to Exmoor year after year."


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